District Function

What the District Does

The role of a scout “District” is to manage all the Scout Groups and other functions within Odiham Scout District.

Please note that the Scout “district” is a defined geographical area, but it is a little different from the governmental definitions of district (council), wards or constituencies!

A Formal Description….

Formally: Scouting in the United Kingdom is organised in Scout Groups, Scout Districts, Scout Counties and Country Headquarters. These ‘units’ of Scouting provide:

  • Support
  • Channels for communication
  • Opportunities for youth Members and adults to make decisions and take  responsibility
  • Functional units through which the design and delivery of the programme can be best achieved

A Scout District comprises several Scout Groups, one or more Explorer Scout Units and one District Scout Network. Additionally a District may have one or more District Scout Active Support Units and Special Groups.

In a bit more detail

Odiham District is organised in to 9 Scout groups and 6 Explorer units with 1 Network.  Each Group and Unit runs in a semi-autonomous mode, with District providing the key supportive administration including:-

  • Governance, Standards and Training
  • Leader and Adult Helper appointments and background checks
  • Finance and centralised support (key equipment etc)
  • District shop for uniform and other essentials
  • Reporting and liaison with the wider Scout “County”, UK Headquarters


The District operates through the District Commissioner and key committees:-

  • District Executive Committee
  • District Appointments Advisory Committee
  • District Finance Committee
  • District Development Committee

Membership of committees is agreed annually and includes uniformed and non-uniformed roles.  Parental involvement is especially encouraged.


The District Executive runs the follow events:-

  • Annual General Meeting around April each year
  • Other events are organised by Groups and promulgated to their respective parents and supporters